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Nightmare on Doddridge Street


Ok, I confess, this is a post I wrote for Halloween last year during the first month of my SweetSpot days.  But I am thinking all ten of the followers I had at the time won’t mind the re-blog…hopefully!

Happy Halloween

Monday seemed like a normal day. Little did I know something was lurking, lying in wait for me. It started out like any other day; kids off to school, coffee hot, dog fed (thus, her own personal nightmare assuaged).  I turned on my computer, ready to work, blog, socialize, check Facebook.  And that is when the horror began as I was greeted by the words – NO INTERNET ACCESS. I took a deep breath, no need to panic, it’s probably nothing, I thought.  After all, my dog appeared unconcerned and you know how animals can “sense” things.

Very calmly, I began to work my magic…or rather, I began to work tech-guy-on-speed-dial’s magic.  But still, ACCESS DENIED.  Then tech-guy-on-speed-dial offhandedly suggested, “what about your home phone line?” (You see, us here folks out on Doddridge, a.k.a. the boonies, rely on phone lines for our DSL mojo).  I ran for my cordless phone like a chick trying to outrun a chainsaw and as in any good bad horror flick, the line was dead.

However, unlike next-to-die-screaming-teen, I still had cell phone service.

So, to the phone company I went for rescue. Harassed-phone-company-lady informed me that “they” (guys-with-huge-hacking-scissors?) had cut the lines and “no”, the DSL line would not be reconnected anytime soon because first the phone line must be repaired in order to restore 911.  But I stammered that this was a 911 – No internet, no access to the World Wide Web, NO FACEBOOK!!

Harassed-phone-company-lady, unmoved by my hysteria, hung up, leaving me once again to face the horror alone. So there I was, waiting, staring, pacing, looking out for strange-guy-in-hockey-mask; when suddenly, out of nowhere, a thought struck me.  Something my Dad used to always tell me;

“Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers.”

I grabbed my car keys, I grabbed my dog, (because clearly, judging by her worried look, the canine sixth sense had kicked in), and we started driving – away from the dreadfulness and in search of flowers.

We didn’t find any flowers, because, well, it’s October, but we did find a pretty spectacular fall tree to hang out under.

We didn’t worry about work, we didn’t long to socialize, we didn’t angst over missed Facebook posts,

And nobody denied us access.

Boys Will Be Boys


Boys will be boys, but how do we turn them into men?  This is a question that has been on my mind a lot lately because…

This year, for the first time, I have two boys attending Middle School. Let us just say that the start to our year has been a bit of a rocky road — like the kind you need a four wheeler for … or a tank. Don’t get me wrong, their grades are fine; good, even. They get their work done and they make an effort. The problem is they are on a quest to fulfill the saying “boys will be boys.”

That’s it.  That is all you get.  You will have to GO HERE to read the rest of the article The Secret to Raising Good Kids?  Teaching Respect  on It will be worth it, I promise – you will laugh a little and maybe even cry a little (at my bad jokes, that is).

The Secret to Raising Good Kids?  Teaching Respect.

Are You Mom or Housekeeper?


If you are not immediately sure of the answer to the question “Are you the Mom or the Housekeeper?” then you are in desperate need of  a personal day and my most recent article on may be just the thing: 6 Ways to Pamper Yourself During Mommy Time.

You know the moment when you are knee-deep in laundry and it occurs to you that the job of mom (or in some cases, dad) is more like the job of live-in housekeeper?

I don’t know about you, but before I became a mom, my visions of motherhood went more like little children tripping along behind me, through the grassy meadow, singing in perfect harmony. OK, that might have been “Sound of Music,” but you get my drift.

Well, whenever I begin to overly obsess on the housekeeper aspects of being a mom, which usually comes in the midst of some particularly gross job like scrubbing toothpaste globs out of the carpet, I know it is time for a personal day…

We all need some personal time every now and then. Go Here to get 6 suggestions on how you might spend it.

Go now…what are you waiting for?…the laundry will wait…I promise!

6 Ways to Pamper Yourself During Mommy Time.

Never Sit on the Couch at a Nudist Colony


There is a guy who lives in my house.  I like to refer to this particular guy as PRE-Teen.  Truth be told, this is not the first time I have been motivated to write about PRE-Teen and his unique take on the world around him.  (A Decade of Wisdom).

Listen, I know he is my kid and therefore I am genetically programmed to think every thought he expresses is cute, amazing, hysterical, brilliant even (quick, call CNN).  But I honestly challenge you to read through the list quoting 10 of his more recent declarations and not find at least one that makes you smile, laugh or fist pump in agreement.

In the world according to PRE-Teen:

Being smart is fun and all, but I it is good to take a break.

Batman’s movies are good but Batman is a sissy Superhero because he has no actual super power and he isn’t even smart, like Ironman.  The most Batman can claim is “Manhero”.

And while on the subject…

Joker is a completely lame villain when played by anyone other than Heath Ledger.

Eating too many gummy bears gives you gummy spit.

There is nothing more completely wrong than a “Mankini”…

…except maybe a hairy man wearing a “Mankini”.

Never miss (breakfast) “the most important meal of the day” – even if that means having it for dinner.

Teachers are like tissues, they are no good once they have been used. (although, he recently added the discovery that some can be folded and used again).

Vegetables are like ice cream…except they taste bad.

And last, my own personal favorite…

Never sit on the couch at a nudist colony. (think about it)

Sometimes, following his random proclamations, a lengthy debate ensues.

But most of the time I just have to nod my head,

and agree.

(and giggle a little, too)

For other Pre-teen isms Go Here!

Teen Talk: Episode #5


Comic by K

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you another episode of  Teen Talk.  I assure you, everything you are about to hear is real and unedited. Please, do not try this at home.

One day, Teen was hungry.

Teen:  “Hey Mom, could you make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

Mom: “Sure, ok”

Teen:  “And Mom, could you cut the crust off?”

Mom:  “What?  Cut the crust off?  That is something you do for little kids!”

Teen:  “I know”

Mom:  “Even when you were a little kid, I never cut the crust off.  You never asked to have the crust cut off.”

Teen:  “True…I am  finally getting up the nerve to ask…”

The End.

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It’s My Birthday and I’ll Blog If I Want To.


Today is my birthday.  Well, not my personal birthday because then we would be singing something like   “Swing Low, Sweet Chariiooott…”.  No, today is the One Year Old Birthday of my little project – Looking For The Sweet  Honestly, just like having a baby, I can’t believe it has actually been one year.  I guess time flies when you are having fun, or early onset senility makes time seem like it is flying… either way – it has been an experience.

For the most part, everything that has happened around Sweet Spot has surprised the heck out of me.  Surprised that I actually posted my first blog (Just Another Day In The Life). Surprised when my first Sweet Spot story was published  (I am Woman: Ode to Chris the Caveman). Completely  shocked when I woke up one morning to being Freshly Pressed on WordPress (You Deserve The Wave Today).  Surprised when I logged on to find a post gone crazy on Stumbleupon (10 Things I Just Don’t Understand).  Surprised when I was asked to join the team of writers (For Those About to Rock or Turn 40 Someday) Amazed that this post keeps getting pinned at Pinterest on a regular basis (Today’s Best Moment: Thursday, April 5).  And pretty much just blown away to have a place where  I can actually confess to killing a vacuum!

One of the most astonishing turn of events this year has been the support and heart felt shout-outs received from fellow bloggers.  Honestly, it was not expected as, lets face it, blogging often feels like everyone else is “doing it better.”  I was honored with my first award – the Sunshine Blogger Award – from one of my favorite bloggers  And then, I received several more.  The close proximity of  receipt kept me from being able to do all of these honors(except the first one)  justice at the time.

So, I decided what better way to celebrate the one year threshold than to recognize those fellow bloggers who, through their recognition, contributed to making the first year of Sweet Spot so memorable! Check them out, they are all fun, funny, informative and interesting in their own right!

Fadderly:  Hysterical Dad of 4, great artist and continues to be one of my favorite reads because I always know I am going to laugh!

(Sunshine Blogger Award)

Elixir of Memories:  At Elixer of Memories you will read about slices of life that make life fun.  You will get some laughs and special musings.

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Beautiful Blogger Award

Mom Knows Better:  One Moms journey with her son – learning from each other, laughing, and just living life.

(Versatile Blogger Award)

versatile blogger award

Expatially Mexico:  Living in Mexico, this blogger takes wonderful photos and shares unique experiences of life and travel in a foreign country.

(Versatile Blogger Award)

Cheryl Huffer:  Cheryl writes everyday about life and living in a fun, funny, and truthful way.

(Very Inspiring Blogger Award)

The Usual Bliss:  She travels, she camps, she enjoys life, she takes the most beautiful photographs and has the cutest dog!

(Sunshine Blogger Award)

i mayfly:  A fun blogger with a killer sense of humor – she blogs about all things,  adds wonderful photos and tells it like it is.

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All Access Pass: A teacher and Mom who brings  inspiration and creativity to both jobs – and shares her great insights through her blog.

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Passport to Bliss:  She blogs about travel, photography, design – all things that bring joy to life.

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The Coffee Club:  Just what a coffee club should be – she entertainingly blogs about books she reads, projects she takes on, kids, being a Mom and all assortments of life.

(One Lovely  Blogger Award)

Sweet Jelly Bean: Here you will find all things “fun & sweetly inspired” – the little things in life worth sharing such as Mom moments, to-die-for beauty products and everything inbetween!

(Very Inspiring Blogger Award)

The Inner WildKat:  She has a passion for books, music and writing.  She can knock out a beautiful poem and also give you the best sexy girl music selections!

Happy Birthday Sweet Spot

Teen Talk: Episode #4


Comic by K

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you a review by  Teen Talk.  I assure you, everything you are about to hear is real and unedited. Please, do not try this at home.

One day, Teen returned home from an entertainment activity, shooting zombies with a paintball gun.

Mom:  “So, how was it? Was it fun? Did you have a good time?”

Teen:  “No! It was horrible, completely lame,  a real rip-off.”

Mom:  “Really?”

Teen:  “Yeah, it was a total waste of time and money!”

Mom:  “Well, would you go to it again if it cost less money, say like half the price or something?”

Teen:  No way!  I would never do to it again.  NOT EVEN IF THEY PAID ME!!!”


Teen:  WAIT!  Actually, they could pay me to go…but, they would have to name their price.

The End

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10 Awesome Parenting Tips You’ll Actually Use


So let’s just say you did something completely crazy like, oh I don’t know,  answer the wanted ad for parenting?  Wanted: A Parent. Faint Hearted Need Not Apply.  Hey, it’s ok, we all do it because there is no accounting for crazy.

But now, you may really need to check out my post on ParentSociety.com10 Awesome Parenting Tips You’ll Actually Use.

It is the logical progression.

1.  Do something crazy like become a parent

2.  Ask for help from those who have run the gauntlet.

3.  Apply advice liberally in a trial and error fashion.

4.  Hope, plead, pray, cross fingers for the best.

Thank you to all the contributors who helped me put together the awesome list! Apparently, I not only need help with parenting, I need help compiling a list of tips to help with parenting. It is a good thing I have such wonderful (and vastly smart) friends and family!

10 Awesome Parenting Tips You’ll Actually Use