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3 Things I Don’t Have to Worry About Anymore

Hard ot not be attracted to that....not.

Hard to resist….not.

Its Friday – which is a great thing! But, there is something even better.  I suddenly realized this morning, as I head into my weekend, it is such a comfort to have the assurance of knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt,  there are three things I just don’t have to worry about anymore!

I no longer have to worry about…

1.  Contracting “Miley Cyrus Fever

I mean really, I was never a big fan to begin with.  However, the whole Gene Simmons/dog tongue thing and obsessive twerking pretty much put me into an assured state of immunity.

2.  Who is going to play the next Batman?

Man, was I ever worried about who was going to portray Batman in the next movie.  Now that all is revealed, I can breath easy and just worry about Ben Affleck’s ability to pull it off  (please note underlying blatant sarcasm).

3.  How long will it take my kids to begin leaving their dirty/scuzzy socks lying around after our heart to heart talk (aka chewing out) at the beginning of the week?

Mystery solved with the  scuzzy sock found this morning gracing the living room floor.

Have a great weekend!

I know I will.

Never Sit on the Couch at a Nudist Colony


There is a guy who lives in my house.  I like to refer to this particular guy as PRE-Teen.  Truth be told, this is not the first time I have been motivated to write about PRE-Teen and his unique take on the world around him.  (A Decade of Wisdom).

Listen, I know he is my kid and therefore I am genetically programmed to think every thought he expresses is cute, amazing, hysterical, brilliant even (quick, call CNN).  But I honestly challenge you to read through the list quoting 10 of his more recent declarations and not find at least one that makes you smile, laugh or fist pump in agreement.

In the world according to PRE-Teen:

Being smart is fun and all, but I it is good to take a break.

Batman’s movies are good but Batman is a sissy Superhero because he has no actual super power and he isn’t even smart, like Ironman.  The most Batman can claim is “Manhero”.

And while on the subject…

Joker is a completely lame villain when played by anyone other than Heath Ledger.

Eating too many gummy bears gives you gummy spit.

There is nothing more completely wrong than a “Mankini”…

…except maybe a hairy man wearing a “Mankini”.

Never miss (breakfast) “the most important meal of the day” – even if that means having it for dinner.

Teachers are like tissues, they are no good once they have been used. (although, he recently added the discovery that some can be folded and used again).

Vegetables are like ice cream…except they taste bad.

And last, my own personal favorite…

Never sit on the couch at a nudist colony. (think about it)

Sometimes, following his random proclamations, a lengthy debate ensues.

But most of the time I just have to nod my head,

and agree.

(and giggle a little, too)

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