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Bogota, Colombia: City Sites

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Pigeon King of the Corn

In total, our time in Bogota, Colombia amounted to not much more than a long layover on our way to Lima, Peru. However, we are always prepared to make the most of our time – even when it is limited.  In such cases, it is necessary to become street walkers.

Not the kind that make money (although we could have used the extra pesos), but the kind that leave the hotel and don’t return until the “route” is done – hitting all the necessary, not to miss, points of interest.

And while it is true, I like to make the teens hang out in doorways…

For the most part, we keep on the move in order to see all we can in our short time.

First stop, Plaza Bolivar

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Plaza Bolivar

And because pigeons everywhere seem to have an insatiable desire for corn (or, well, anything) …

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Pigeon feeding in the Plaza

Next stop, Senora del Carmen church (or as we came to call it “The Candy Stripe Church”). Sometimes, I get sidetracked enjoying the people in a city – like this adorable Mom and daughter in matching pink animal print…


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Senora del Carmen Church

But, I eventually get back with the program and on with the

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Candy stripe church ceiling.

We also wandered past the President’s house where they were getting ready for…something – no one seemed to know what exactly, including the police officers on duty.  We stood around waiting with the rest of the mystified crowd for a while but eventually decided to press on.Processed with VSCO with n1 preset

We did not want to be too late to go through the gold museum – the Museo International de la Esmeralda.  As Teen put it – he did not want to miss a chance to be surrounded by all that wealth.

And with some last appreciation of the hanging with the locals…

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And a snack…photo-jul-26-10-07-02-pmWe were back at our hotel to enjoy the view of the rooftops before flying to Lima the next day.Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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Bogota, Colombia: Graffiti Art Tour


Drug Store mural

We love a good graffiti mural.  In fact, the Teens and I seek them out everywhere we travel- and as a special perk, I can pretty much always get them to pose for me in front of their favorites.

The streets themselves have an art all their own –

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Bogota, Colombia


In the city of Bogota, vast amounts of construction are under way,


But, the art can still be seen around just about every corner.

Here are some of our favorites!


The Cat mural


The 80’s Mural


Fly away to the heavens mural.


Mural for a Pizza restaurant – Day of the dead meets Pizza cutters…


A helping hand mural.


The whole Cat mural which extended across two buildings and a door.

Even in obscure places could be found the most intriguing images – like this one that was just a small square of about 12″x 12″ etched into the wall of an abandoned building.

photo-jul-27-11-44-20-amIn truth, I would have liked more time to explore and photograph all of the city art.  Hopefully, the saying is true… there is always a next time!

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South American Summer: Peru & Colombia

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Machu Picchu at mid day

This summer, my Travel Posse…

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The Travel Posse

…and I went on adventures in Peru and Bogota, Colombia.  Why have I procrastinated so long in sharing on Sweet Spot?  Well, mostly because as a wife, mom and full time Company Manager at a Regional Professional Theatre – which means I am “mom” to about 100 or more coming and going actors, directors and production staff throughout a season – my time has possibly been commandeered.  But, the truth is, I took so many photographs during the course of our time in these beautiful countries, organizing them seemed vastly daunting – and I have practiced the skillful art of avoidance, kind of like what happens when faced with the prospect of needing to clean the house on a Sunday (or, like, ever!).

However, the experience was way too amazing not to share!  Therefore, I am going to attempt to lay them out bit by bit. I have done what I always do when a task seems impossible – made a list.  I will link each post here as they go up over the course of the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy!

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SoCal Mini Break: Venice Beach Boardwalk



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Venice Beach Boardwalk Skate Park

I can’t make a stop in LA without a pass through Venice.  When I was a Los Angeles resident, Venice was always a great place to be for the day, with all its color and life!

Luckily, this time, it was only a short walk away from my bungalow in Marina Del Rey to the Venice Boardwalk…


Close enough to take in the art…


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And the people…

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Do a little shopping…



Take in the local flavor…

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And catch some major skill at the skatepark…

Processed with Snapseed.Processed with Snapseed.Processed with Snapseed. Processed with VSCO with acg presetBut, as I have experienced time and again in My California, I can never get enough…

photo-oct-12-1-34-56-pm…so, I will continue to return.

SoCal Mini Break: Beach Time

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SoCal Mini Break: Beach Time

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Sunset surfers in Marina Del Rey

There comes a moment in every native Californian’s life when getting to a beach is of great rejuvenating import.  Having relocated to the midwest several years ago, times arise when being on a coast line, if only for a few days, is desperately essential.

Just by luck, at the moment of my urgent need to get sand in my luggage,  I happened to be traveling through LAX on a trip.  So, at long last, I found myself in my old stomping ground of Marina del Rey for a precious few days to soak up all the beach time possible.

Marina del Rey, always delivers –  with it’s long pier…

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Steady, straight coast line…

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Beautiful sunsets…

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Wall art..


Plus, just a short jaunt away, is Santa Monica Beach and boardwalk…

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And after three days, I was not even close to having my fill…

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So, I will be back, soon … probably with that sand still in my luggage.

Next time: Venice Beach Boardwalk!

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