I am very honored to be a contributing writer for ParentSociety.com!  At ParentSociety you will find various articles by a crew of  talented writers on subjects such as  Today’s Family, A Mom’s Life, Pregnancy, Parenting, Food, Tools, Fun & Games and Stuff for Kids.  The articles are wonderfully informative and very often tremendously humorous!

Here are a few of my more popular articles!

Is There Life After 40?

How Much Should I Tell My Kids About My Wild Youth?

4 Things to Know About Raising Country Kids

Are You Ambivalent About Marijuana Use?

My Top 5 Discount Shopping Sites

How to Grow Old Gracefully

Why I Should Have Had More Faith in My Son

My Kids Are Stressing Me Out!

The Chaos of a Newly Working Mom

A Tricky Way to Get Your Kids to Pay Attention in School

6 Ways to Pamper Yourself During Mommy Time

Wanted: A Parent, The Faint-Hearted Need Not Apply

10 Awesome Parenting Tips You’ll Actually Use

Saying No Sucks!

A Tricky Way to Get Your Kids to Pay Attention in School

The Secret to Raising Good Kids? Teaching Respect

Teaching Kids About Money: A Life Lesson the Easy Way

Three Phases to Teaching Your Kids to Make Good Choices

My first published article:

The Real Reason I Wear Sunscreen

The article closest to my heart:

After Years of Searching for Justice

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