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3 Things I Don’t Have to Worry About Anymore

Hard ot not be attracted to that....not.

Hard to resist….not.

Its Friday – which is a great thing! But, there is something even better.  I suddenly realized this morning, as I head into my weekend, it is such a comfort to have the assurance of knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt,  there are three things I just don’t have to worry about anymore!

I no longer have to worry about…

1.  Contracting “Miley Cyrus Fever

I mean really, I was never a big fan to begin with.  However, the whole Gene Simmons/dog tongue thing and obsessive twerking pretty much put me into an assured state of immunity.

2.  Who is going to play the next Batman?

Man, was I ever worried about who was going to portray Batman in the next movie.  Now that all is revealed, I can breath easy and just worry about Ben Affleck’s ability to pull it off  (please note underlying blatant sarcasm).

3.  How long will it take my kids to begin leaving their dirty/scuzzy socks lying around after our heart to heart talk (aka chewing out) at the beginning of the week?

Mystery solved with the  scuzzy sock found this morning gracing the living room floor.

Have a great weekend!

I know I will.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving


I love to laugh.  I don’t believe this could possibly be a secret to anyone.  Lets face it, the internet is filled with funny, ridiculous stuff always ready to give a good laugh (or cry).  But, every once in a while, I come across those items that make me laugh not once, not twice,  but over and over again. I  keep track of these little gems for times when a laugh is desperately needed…like, on a daily basis. I refer to them as the gifts that keep on giving.

The other day, my son was having a bad day.  Why?  Well, because he is a teen and some days are just like that.  So I searched out one of my recent favorite gems.

“Hey, Teen, come here and watch this with me.”

“Why, I’ve already seen that one.”

“I know, come anyway.”

A few minutes and several views later, with laughing tears streaming down our faces, life did not seem so bad.

Good even.

That, is a gift.

Here is my gift to you.

Love, Sweet Spot