Teen Talk: Episode #4


Comic by K

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you a review by  Teen Talk.  I assure you, everything you are about to hear is real and unedited. Please, do not try this at home.

One day, Teen returned home from an entertainment activity, shooting zombies with a paintball gun.

Mom:  “So, how was it? Was it fun? Did you have a good time?”

Teen:  “No! It was horrible, completely lame,  a real rip-off.”

Mom:  “Really?”

Teen:  “Yeah, it was a total waste of time and money!”

Mom:  “Well, would you go to it again if it cost less money, say like half the price or something?”

Teen:  No way!  I would never do to it again.  NOT EVEN IF THEY PAID ME!!!”


Teen:  WAIT!  Actually, they could pay me to go…but, they would have to name their price.

The End

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12 responses

  1. Clever boy! Name the price pfft! hahahha. I can only imagine what my little guy will be sprouting in a few years time.

    (P.S. Paula, sorry if I had to refollow you, for some reason I’ve not been getting new post email alerts so now I’m refollowing almost everyone 🙂 )

  2. I’m glad I was brave enough to click on this link, I got a good laugh. Having 2 teens of my own, however, I wasn’t sure I could deal with any more teen talk than I already have at home. Brain cells are dying by the thousands.

    • Ha! Yes, I know what you mean. Thank you for taking the plunge. We Moms of teens have to stick together…to remind each other stuff we can no longer remember due to all those lost brain cells!

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