Teen Talk, Episode #1

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Comic by K

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you the first installment of Teen Talk.  Be assured, everything you are about to hear is real and unedited.  Please, do not try this at home.

One day at the Walgreens checkout…

Mom:  “Teen, could you please carry the bag?”

Teen:  (picks up bag) “Why do I have to carry the bag?”

Mom:  “Because, you are a guy, and guys carry things for girls.”

Teen:  “Oh.”

Mom: “Except a girl’s purse.  You don’t have to carry a girl’s purse.”

Teen:  “Right, there is no need for that kind of shame until you’re married!”

The end

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32 responses

  1. OMG too funny! I have three children of my own…I could even hear the voice inflection as I read your post. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Truth! I still carry a purse between two fingers like a dirty diaper and WILL NOT open it of my own accord. It is a cave of wonder and nightmares. At least it’s not a fanny pack! ~ 😉 Dan

    • haha! That is funny – kudos to you for even carrying “the purse” at all! I try to not let my husband carry it, but sometimes he insists – but he scrunches it all up like a paper bag.

  3. Bahaha – very good transcript of teen/parent interaction! As I have three teenage girls, I won’t get exactly the same, but I SO recognise the inflections there!
    Honestly, what do guys think they’re going to catch off a woman’s handbag – feminine hormones? LOL

  4. It’s only shameful and embarrassing to carry a woman’s purse early in marriage. After you’ve changed a million diapers, wear a pink Hello Kitty backpack 5 days a week, sing publicly and shuffle your kids in and out of 4 public bathrooms every time you’re out, holding your wife’s purse becomes “if it mean 10 minutes of being left alone in peace, I’ll do anything.”

  5. That was funny! Thanks. And thank you for visiting over at Take 10 from FTF. I really enjoyed peeking into your blog and plan to return. I love the Sedona photos. My husband and I were just there in September…and it was fabulous.

  6. Ha! That’s right! After they’re married, they must hold the purses with pride!

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