Go Ahead, Make My Day


The letter.  Do you remember that dinosaur?  No, no, no, it is not something you type out onto an email, or text from your phone or even message on Facebook.  It is not the same as commenting, liking, tweeting, repining, stumbling, joining or even following (did I miss any?).  Need a memory jog…or maybe, marathon?

The letter is that archaic form of communication where you actually pick up a pen (if you can find one that works), select a stationary or card (my favorite often had bunnies or rainbows), write by hand sentiments and thoughts (which requires you have some), write the address (that street-city-state-zip thingy), stamp it (the little.44 sticker) and send by (gasp) the US Post – heretofore to be referred to as “snail-mail”.  Coming back to you now?

Well, recently I have been thinking about letters a lot.  I have been remembering the stationary kits I had as a kid, complete with matching paper, envelopes and stickers.  I have been reminiscing over the times when I lived away from home and became closer to friends and family through this antiquated form of communication. I have been cherishing all the letter responses I stored away and saved. I have been laughing hysterically over letters written by my teen self to my Grandmother that were returned to me upon her death. I have been recalling how, when you receive a physical letter, it feels like obtaining a piece of the person who penned it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the electronic mediums as much as the next girl. You just can’t beat the convenience of texting/emailing while driving, the divides bridged (and marriages compromised) by social networks, and the home created for otherwise completely useless information.

But, here is the thing, I have a friend (yep, true stuff there). She is a special kind of friend. She is the kind of friend I have known since before puberty.  The kind of friend who remembers the leopard patched ripped-up Levis I wore with pride and will still call me out on if need be. The kind of friend with whom I have, fought, laughed, cried, and survived over the years. The ‘til death do us part kind of friend.

This friend, well, she still on occasion writes letters.  When I least expect it and sometimes most need it, a letter will arrive in my mailbox from her.  It will be filled with words of encouragement, sentiment, and love.  It will be decorated with stickers or sayings.  It will have taken her time, attention and effort to accomplish. Sometimes, the stationary will be hand crafted; sometimes the letter will be written all helter skelter; and sometimes the contents will cause me to smile, laugh or even cry a little.

But, no matter what is inside, the letter always makes my day – in that warm, cared about, loved and appreciated kind of way. In a manner that no email, text, IM, tweet, like or follow ever could, or honestly, ever will.

So today, I am going to write my friend a letter. I am going to enclose some words of love, encouragement and appreciation. Maybe, I will decorate it with stickers.  Probably, I will try to write something funny. Definitely, I will pen into the words a piece of myself. Then, I am going to address it, stamp it and send it via snail-mail.

And when the letter arrives in my friend’s mailbox,

I hope, it makes her day.

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  1. Indeed nothing can match the touch of ink and paper .. I have never written any handwritten letter to anyone but I so much want to. All my friends are very close to where I live. So, I’m waiting for the right person to write to ..

    Lovely post 🙂

  2. Wonderful post! I love getting a letter in the mail. I also love stationary, etc… I need to start using it more. Your post is an inspiration, thank you!

  3. I remember flocking to the post office at my college with about 1000 other students “lookin for love in all the mail spaces, looking for love.”
    FYI I am working on my own Calligraphy font, so I am with you on the need and beauty of the written word! ~Regards, Dan

  4. Something in the post is always appreciated, especially when it’s not a ‘sweet william’ in a brown envelope. I’m stashing for some parcels but keeping in touch is hard work and something that doesn’t seem so popular anymore, ironically. 🙂

  5. This is such a nice ode to letters! I recently got back into using fountain pens, so I have a few pen pals where we swap actual letters. It’s nice to get out the stationery and actually write a letter. And just as much fun to receive one!

  6. I just finished a training program where I spoke about the importance of personal touches – including writing notes. I sent a thank you note to each participant last week – and heard from each one commenting about how special they felt upon receiving a handwritten note. True, my handwriting has deteriorated as technology has grown, but oh well… 🙂

  7. I just wrote about handwritten thank-you notes on my blog. There’s something about receiving a thoughtful note in the mail that makes my day, too. A welcome change from bills or junk mail, eh?
    I have a whole cabinet of greeting cards and little stationery kits. They totally still make them!

  8. nice! 🙂 there is definitely an impersonal nature it electronic media. weird, isn’t it? whether it comes from a pen in our hand, of typing on the keyboard, it shouldn’t matter. but it does. nothing beats a handwritten letter/card from/to someone…

    • I agree, of course! It is all about time, I think. Electronics are quick and easy – but, of course, not as awesome! So, you are making me a card right now, aren’t you…lol!

  9. I LOVE getting a letter through my post box. Like you, I have an old friend, whom I have known since I was little, we wrote when she went to boarding school, we wrote through university and every now and again we still send a letter. Its something magical in it.

  10. Aww this reminds me of high school so much when I used to have tons and tons of stationary sets and most of them were scented! ha ha. And I LOVE stickers a lot. This is such a heart-warming post.. as always from the Sweet Spot. Thank you so much for writing this. 🙂

  11. Despite all the technology, handwritten letters can never be replaced. Just knowing someone took time out of their day to think of you is very special and creates a new memory each time.

  12. It’s an odd thing that as our world has sped up and our need to get things done more quickly, we’ve become more isolated from each other. Thanks for the reminder of the fun it used to be to reach out and touch someone (and be touched) through beautiful stationary, stickers, and knowing someone took the time to care.

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