Teen Talk: Episode #3


Comic by K

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you a Public Service Message from Teen Talk.  I assure you, everything you are about to hear is real and unedited.  If you decide to try this at home, please proceed with extreme caution and stay out of your neighbors yard.

One day at the gas station mini-mart.

Teen: “Mom, I’m thirsty.  Can I get a soda?”

Mom:  “You don’t need soda, drink some water.”

Teen:  “I don’t like water, it tastes weird.”

Mom:  “You have to drink water.  Water is life!”

Teen:  “I do drink water.  I drank a ton of water yesterday.”

Mom:  “Oh, good.”

Teen:  “Then, I peed it all out onto a pine tree.”

Mom:  “What?”

Teen:  “I’m Green, I recycle.”

The End

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14 responses

  1. Ha! I do not know which is funnier that water is weird or that he is recycling; go green! Parents must feel like they have landed on another planet once their kids become teenagers – YIKES! Have a Great Day (Deserve a Medal with this one teenager)!

  2. I had a friend who tried to potty train her youngest young lad. He refused until she allowed him to relieve himself off the porch. I suppose anythings better than constant diaper changes….I never asked how she worked out the other business, I just watched my step on the path to their door. 😛

  3. lmao! i don’t know what it is about boys and peeing outside. i know two boys who do it all the time. and not discreetly either. not my boys, btw. just these two other boys i know. who get yelled at alot for doing it, too. my boys know better…

  4. You gotta love how they retort at times. This made me laugh hard. I can only imagine how my little boy would start giving me a come-back answer or speech in the future. 🙂