Today’s Best Moment: Tuesday, 6/12


Today’s Best Moment is a different one – for me here at Sweet Spot anyway.  Today’s moment is about being thankful.  Thankful  I only had to read about the information in my recent article on and not live it first hand.  Thankful my kids are healthy, happy and strong.  Thankful I can talk to my kids about the difficult choices and dangers they will face out  in the world.

I know I usually write what I like to think are informative, yet humor-infused articles. However, I wanted to deviate from my normal light-hearted approach to write something regarding a new designer drug called bath salts. Why? Because up until a few days ago, I had never even heard of this horrific new synthetic drug and as a parent, that scared the puffin’ stuff out of me…

I reasoned that maybe I was not the only parent ignorant until recently of this scary new creation.  If you want to know more go here to read.

“Am I The Only Parent Who Never Heard of Bath Salts?

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