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  1. As true as that statement my be about missing the tussle, I believe that if a woman has the opportunity to have a bathroom to her lonesome without globs of toothpaste and intrusion of maleness she should take it. We all need a special place.

  2. Beautiful and thoroughly inspiring. The years do fly by so quickly don’t they? Thanks for that reminder – must cherish each moment with those we love. Even if it involves seeing all their soap scum lol!

  3. “Meaning, our “Guest Bathroom” remained polished, pristine and virtually unused.” My first thought- I CAN FIX THAT!

  4. I just keep wondering- who wants to smell like a champion??? Champion sceneted? Doesn’t anyone at Old Spice know what it takes to be a champion? SWEAT- DUH. Found you at finding the funny.