Teen Talk: Episode #11

Comic by K

Comic by K

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you another episode of  Teen Talk.  I assure you, everything you are about to hear is real and unedited. Please, do not try this at homeUnless you don’t mind freezing (or sweating) your da-dunt-da-dunts  off.

One day, Teen took a Home Energy Conservation Test at school.

Teen:  “Mom, we scored really bad on the Home Energy Conservation Test I took at school.”

Mom:  “Really? How bad?”

Teen:  “Well, lets just put it this way – it is just another one of those things I’ll be working out in therapy someday.”

Mom:  “What do you mean?”

Teen:  “You know, something like this…”


“So, Teen, tell me about your childhood and home life .”

Therapy Teen:

“Well, I remember how all the kids at school used to laugh and make fun of me because we turned off appliances in our house instead of unplugging them from the wall.”


“I see, go on…”

Therapy Teen:

“I was cut from the baseball team.  They never told me me why, but I knew it was because my family used whole ducted house heating and cooling.  I just wanted to fit in, but I knew I never would because of my familie’s high energy usage.  Even to this day, I have nightmares of comfortable heating and cooling while taking a long hot bath. 

Mom:  “That therapy list is really growing.”

Teen:  “Yep.”

The End

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