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4 Reasons Parents Should Get A Life


Yes, folks, it is that time again!  The time of the week when I drop a few words over at my home away from home – aka:  Today I am talking about why all parents – yes, myself included – should Get a Life!

It starts out something like this:

Becoming a first-time mom late in life means two things:  First, my grandkids will have a super cool walker to climb on and second, I had an activity-filled life before my kids ever came along. For me, this included many aspects of theater and performing. However, I always knew when I became parent, I wanted to give my kids full and undivided attention. So when the kiddos came along, I put those extracurricular activities on hold.

But, then things changed and no, I did not “run off to join a geriatric production of “CATS”…or worse.  As usual, you will just have to go HERE to get the rest of the story and of course the 4 “pearls of wisdom” as to why as parents, we should all Get a Life!

4 Reasons All Parents Should Get a Life!

Today’s Best Moment: Tuesday, 6/12


Today’s Best Moment is a different one – for me here at Sweet Spot anyway.  Today’s moment is about being thankful.  Thankful  I only had to read about the information in my recent article on and not live it first hand.  Thankful my kids are healthy, happy and strong.  Thankful I can talk to my kids about the difficult choices and dangers they will face out  in the world.

I know I usually write what I like to think are informative, yet humor-infused articles. However, I wanted to deviate from my normal light-hearted approach to write something regarding a new designer drug called bath salts. Why? Because up until a few days ago, I had never even heard of this horrific new synthetic drug and as a parent, that scared the puffin’ stuff out of me…

I reasoned that maybe I was not the only parent ignorant until recently of this scary new creation.  If you want to know more go here to read.

“Am I The Only Parent Who Never Heard of Bath Salts?

My Kids Are Stressing Me Out!


I know, I know, we all have stress.  However, in my most recent article over at today entitled “My Kids Are Stressing Me Out!”, I share a discovery made about stress you really don’t want to miss.

Just to be nice (because, that is just the way I am) here is how the tale begins!

I was browsing through a magazine recently when I came across this statement:

“Too much stress can slow your metabolism, causing you to gain weight in your midsection.”

Allow me to translate: “Stress gives you belly fat.”

Honestly, “them’s fightin’ words”…

Now, you will have to Go HERE to find out what I plan to do about it!

Thank you to all the friends & family who were coerced into being  helped out by being a  part of my survey in the writing of this article!

Are You One of “Those” Parents?


Yes, it is that time of the week, again.  Time to stroll on over to and check out my latest article “I Just Don’t Need My Kids to be Phenomenal” (if you would be so kind).  You might say it is a continuation, or short conclusion to my last venture “6 Kinds of Sports Parent: Which are you?”.  Ok, ok, here is the teaser…

Why must our kids be phenomenal?

Don’t get me wrong: My kids are amazing! From the moment they made their first spit bubble, everything they did, said, accomplished, or pooped out was remarkable … to me. And this, in my opinion, is exactly as it should be.

But sometimes…

Go here to read the rest.  Did I mention it is short? I just had to get in the last word.  That is so like me…

What Kind of Sports Parent Are You?


Do you have kids in sports.  Do you know parents who have kids in sports?  Do you plan to someday have kids in sports? Or, do you just like to laugh at parents who have kids in sports?

Well then, you should read my latest article on,  called “6 Kinds of Sports Parents. Which are you?
and take my Sports Parent Quiz.

Now, some of you may be familiar with the post I wrote  at the start of my kids’ baseball season “Bulldogs Don’t Wear Lipstick” where I vowed to be a good better Sport Mom. But recently, I have had the desire to really examine the sports parent phenomenon – what makes a good sports parent, and what makes a nightmare one.

The article starts with the study that initially intrigued me:

I read a study recently where hundreds of college athletes, over 30 years time, were polled with the question: “What is your worst memory from playing youth and high school sports?”

The overwhelming answer was: “The ride home from the games with my parents.”

Those same college athletes were also asked what gave them joy and made them feel good during or after a game. The most common answer was their parents saying…

Ha – cliffhanger!  You will  have to go  HERE to find out the answer and hopefully, take my quiz.

Are you scared?  Don’t worry.  It will be fun.  I have always found it is good to laugh at yourself…this way, the people laughing at you have company.

Oh, and be sure to come back here and tell me how you scored! Pretty please with sugar,  chocolate and peanut butter on top?

To Botox or Not to Botox


My most recent article “To Botox or Not to Botox” is up and running today on  Now hold on there, it may not be exactly what you think.  But, I promise two things:  you will get a laugh and find out one of my husbands deep, dark secrets.  How can you resist?

It starts out like this:

For some time now, I’ve been wondering whether or not to get Botox. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it, too. No really, don’t tell me, because the truth is, we would all just about give our front teeth (that can then be replaced with perfect porcelain veneers of course) for a chance to forgo the wrinkling part of aging.

My first encounter with the idea of Botox was

You will just have to Go Here to read the rest!

And don’t worry,

(No actual scientific knowledge was abused, or even, well, used, in the writing of this article).

Have a Little Faith


“Why I Should Have Had More Faith in My Son”  is my post today on

When your son comes home with a bad Mid-Quarter Progress Report, how do you react? My thought processes go something like this:

In that moment, I could see my son’s whole future pass before my eyes: receives bad mid-term progress report grade– fails class – flunks out of school – starts to drink – begins dating biker chick with facial hair – turns to drugs – discovers online poker – resorts to begging for change outside a 7 Eleven. 

But recently, I learned how to have a little more faith in my son, and myself.  Go here to read the rest if you want to know how.  It’s big, I tell you, HUGE.  Well, not really, but it’s got a good beat, and you can dance to it.

Go read now!  “Why I Should Have Had More Faith in My Son”

Is There Life After 40?


Well, duh, I’m  not dead yet.  However, the term “It’s now or never” sure takes on a whole new meaning.  What do I mean?  Well, head on over to and read my latest article,  Is There Life After 40?,  to get  ‘the rest of the story’.

As a kid, I was once asked what age I considered old. I promptly replied, “40.” In my teenaged, eye-rolling mind, there was clearly no life after 40. I’ll just bet the adult who asked the question wanted to drop kick me into the next week…

You might just find out what Patrick Dempsey, hair dye and mini-vans have to do with turning 40.  Now how can you pass that up? Go here!

Is There Life After 40?

Las Vegas Much?


If you are planning to take your kids to Las Vegas anytime in the near future or you think I am off my rocker for even contemplating it, you might want to check out the Top 5 kid friendly and budget savvy tips we discovered on our recent trip to the flashy city over on today.

It starts like this:

When you think of Las Vegas, you probably don’t think of the words “kid-friendly” or “budget-savvy.” Well, it is a fact that almost everything costs a ton in Las Vegas, except the parking, which is always free. (How can you proceed to lose all your money in the casino if you can’t park your car?).

It is also true that on occasion you must instruct your kids to “quick, look up at the big tall building!”…

You will have to go here to find out why they have to look up (really, you need to know!) and get the  Top 5 Budget Kids’ Activities to Do in Las Vegas.

For more Sweet Spot Travels: Go Here!

After Years of Searching for Justice


On, I have an article running today.  It is not my usual ” humor infused” (attempts at humor anyway) type of  Sweet Spot story. However, I wanted to share it here nonetheless.   It starts out like this:

Yesterday, I read the news, much like I always do in the morning before sending my kids off to school. I enjoy reading up on a variety of subjects: health, stupid Hollywood pet tricks (a.k.a. celebrity news), consumer reports, world news, etc. Most of the time, once my kids are off to school, I begin my work and go on with my day. Sometimes, I even relay interesting information to my husband. But yesterday, I read an article that haunted me throughout my day and into the next.

Go here to find out why we should all pay attention to Fakhra Younus’s story.

Some stories must be remembered. Thank you for reading.

Top 5 Mysteries of Parenting


The fun continues on where my latest article “Top 5 Mysteries of Parenting” went live today.  It starts out like this:

Mysteries are a part of life. True mysterious occurrences are, all at once, puzzling, unexplainable, and strange. As a young person I obsessed over anomalies such as: Did it really say “Paul is dead” when a Beatles song was played backwards? And would the bad guys on Scooby Doo really have gotten away with it “if it wasn’t for those meddling kids?” As I matured, I moved on to more perplexing mysteries such as: How did they get those massive statues on Easter Island up and standing in a row? Is Jim Morrison really alive and well roaming the streets of Paris, incognito, looking like  Grizzly Adams? And,  Donald Trump’s hair (need I say more)?

But then, I discovered the mysteries of parenting…

Go here find out the  Top 5 Mysteries of Parenting that baffle me most.  Hint – it has something to do with Teeth, Knives and the Uterine Homing Device…

Fear of Full Disclosure


“How Much Should I Tell My Kids About My Wild Youth?”

My latest article on  is out.  Want a little sample?

I know the day is coming, soon.  I know as sure as Lindsay Lohan will end up in court again, the day is coming when my fear of full disclosure will be realized.  The day when I get asked personal questions by my curious teenage boys that I, on the one hand do not want to lie about, but at the same time do not want to fully disclose either.  And, in the interest of proper parenting – I mean, you have start some time, right –  I must know how to handle the moment and I need help!

Let me explain. Getting married and becoming a first time Mom in my 30’s meant two things…

All choices have consequences.  Go here to find out why my choices may mean looking as old (and just as hairy) as Dumbledore.

“How Much Should I Tell My Kids About My Wild Youth?

For Those About to Rock, or Turn 40 Someday


My first article  The Real Reason I Wear Sunscreen (Hint: It’s not for my health) is up and running on!  Curious?  It starts like this:

A few years ago (if more than ½ dozen can still be considered a few), I turned 40. 

You know those major transitions in life that breeze right by – go down like milk and honey?  Right, well, this was not one of those moments.  For me, turning 40 was much more like swallowing a jagged little pill…and Alanis Morissette…and her entire band…all at the same time.

As I recall, which being over 40 and a Mom pretty much gives me carte blanche to never remember anything ever again, my actual birthday was pretty good….

Go here to read the rest.  Really, you don’t want to miss this one.  That is, if you want to know what Peeping Toms and sunscreen have in common.

The Real Reason I Wear Sunscreen.