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Ancient Aliens Part 2: The Ruins of Moray



While it is true I could not stop calling them “crop circles” for the entirety of the trip – they are actually more oval and in truth, called The Ruins of Moray.  Yet mystery surrounds them nonetheless. Theories range from experimental farming by the Incans,  to outdoor theatre, to landing pad for aliens.  All I really know is,  we liked them…whatever their purpose. But, I have to say, I am leaning towards alien landing site because you can never have too many alien theories.


The walk around.


Stairs – cool and functional!


Rules don’t apply…


Bird’s eye view.

A quick stop, but worth every minute!

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My Cat Orders Take Out Delivery


This is my cat, Lulubelle.

Sometimes, she looks like this:

But, most of the time she looks like this:

As you can see, Lulubelle has a very demanding sleep schedule to maintain. Therefore, how does she on a regular basis, find time to seemingly hunt & torment the birds in my yard? First of all, in doing so she completely flouts my verbal proclamation that all creatures and animals in my yard are under protected sanctuary (ok, except the blood sucking kind).  But more importantly, how does she do it?

What really started my contemplation was my cat’s most recent suspicious acquisition.

You see, the other day I was diligently working while Lulubelle, per usual, slept nearby. All of a sudden,  I heard a bird squawk so loud it sounded as if it was actually in the next room.  The reason being, well, it was in the next room. I went to investigate and there stood Lulubelle (huh?) , looking pleased as Richard Simmons during a full body search, with feathers swirling around her head and a squawking bird in her mouth.

Upon seeing me, Lulu smugly let go of the terrified thing as if to say to me “Yeah lady, it’s a real bird.  How do you like them apples?” (more flouting to be sure). The bird, of course, promptly flew against nearest window screeching something I swear sounded like “Help me; I’m being assaulted by a demon”.

For the next few moments, I felt like Chrissie in a Three’s Company episode (except, you know, without the cleavage and cute ponytails).  Lulubelle cunningly attempted to regain her prize while I further traumatized the screaming bird by frantically chasing it around the room, knocking stuff over,  throwing a nearby dirty boy sweatshirt over it, and bundling it up until I could reach the outside and secure its escape.  As that bird flew like a bat out of hell away from stinky sweatshirt, bimbo Mom and maniacal (and now sleeping) cat, I just know it was promising never to set its little three toed feet in our yard of horrors ever again.

So I repeat.  Where does my cat find  time, not to mention energy?  In my estimation this is very suspect and after much deliberation, I am leaning towards one particular theory –

She is ordering Take out delivery.

It would explain a vast amount of wild animal anomalies encountered at my house on a regular basis – as well as her ability to seemingly be in two places at once.

Honesty, I just hope the dog does not get wind of it…

Top 5 Mysteries of Parenting


The fun continues on ParentSociety.com where my latest article “Top 5 Mysteries of Parenting” went live today.  It starts out like this:

Mysteries are a part of life. True mysterious occurrences are, all at once, puzzling, unexplainable, and strange. As a young person I obsessed over anomalies such as: Did it really say “Paul is dead” when a Beatles song was played backwards? And would the bad guys on Scooby Doo really have gotten away with it “if it wasn’t for those meddling kids?” As I matured, I moved on to more perplexing mysteries such as: How did they get those massive statues on Easter Island up and standing in a row? Is Jim Morrison really alive and well roaming the streets of Paris, incognito, looking like  Grizzly Adams? And,  Donald Trump’s hair (need I say more)?

But then, I discovered the mysteries of parenting…

Go here find out the  Top 5 Mysteries of Parenting that baffle me most.  Hint – it has something to do with Teeth, Knives and the Uterine Homing Device…