My Kids Are Stressing Me Out!


I know, I know, we all have stress.  However, in my most recent article over at today entitled “My Kids Are Stressing Me Out!”, I share a discovery made about stress you really don’t want to miss.

Just to be nice (because, that is just the way I am) here is how the tale begins!

I was browsing through a magazine recently when I came across this statement:

“Too much stress can slow your metabolism, causing you to gain weight in your midsection.”

Allow me to translate: “Stress gives you belly fat.”

Honestly, “them’s fightin’ words”…

Now, you will have to Go HERE to find out what I plan to do about it!

Thank you to all the friends & family who were coerced into being  helped out by being a  part of my survey in the writing of this article!

9 responses

  1. Love your article! Just yesterday, I was talking about stress factors with my students and sure enough, the people who felt most stressed were the moms! Maybe we should establish mother’s day once a week…

  2. This is so true! I read all the stress-reducing suggestions and just laugh. All the ideas are great in theory–less so with 2 yr. old hanging on my leg 😉 Thanks for making me feel more normal!

    • Oh yes, you are completely normal! Believe me, even when they are not hanging on your leg anymore they find ways to deter you! But still, I am going to give it a shot-no much to lose, except maybe a few pounds of belly fat! Thanks for stopping by!

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