Is There Life After 40?


Well, duh, I’m  not dead yet.  However, the term “It’s now or never” sure takes on a whole new meaning.  What do I mean?  Well, head on over to and read my latest article,  Is There Life After 40?,  to get  ‘the rest of the story’.

As a kid, I was once asked what age I considered old. I promptly replied, “40.” In my teenaged, eye-rolling mind, there was clearly no life after 40. I’ll just bet the adult who asked the question wanted to drop kick me into the next week…

You might just find out what Patrick Dempsey, hair dye and mini-vans have to do with turning 40.  Now how can you pass that up? Go here!

Is There Life After 40?

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  1. Wow, you thought forty was old back then? I remember being under the age of ten, and one of my many aunts would come to visit, and one in particular was in her early thirties and had no husband or children, and I clearly remember pitying her for her great age and lack of accomplishment, LOL! Having reached that age myself now, I really see what a little brat I was 🙂

  2. I hope there is! I’ll be in the last year of my 30s here soon, so I’m hoping that life is actually better in my 40s! 😉

  3. Inspiring read. I just turned 40 in January this year. It has felt devestating. Hoping to try and see things in different light from now on. Going to look into booking that vacation I keep putting off too!