I Used to Be Cool Like That – Then I Needed Groceries


Last weekend, I had a “moment” – one of those times when you are standing somewhere random, like say in this case, the grocery store, and you all of a sudden wonder how the heck you got there.  I don’t mean physically, because of course I drove there in my not-so-cool-but-can-still-peel-out-in soccer mom van.  But rather, “got there” in the metaphysical sense.

You see, at the moment of my epiphany, I was pushing my huge, over -flowing cart around the grocery store…on a Saturday(wait it gets worse)…on a Saturday night… thinking nothing of it until that very moment.

It suddenly dawned on me, how and when exactly did this happen?  I mean really, I think there was a time when my life was way cooler than that!  A time when I would not have been caught dead in the grocery store with a full cart of groceries, on a Saturday night! There was a time when I actually did stuff on Saturday night.

Back in the day on a Saturday night, I actually saw movies in a movie theater – you know, with a big screen, other people, and without animation or battling robots.

If I was awake when the sun came up it was because I never went to sleep.

I wore mini-skirts with abandon and leggings as pants (not necessarily together) and played beach volleyball on the weekend (not in the mini-skirt or leggings…usually) after those late Saturday nights.

I drove a car with a turbo engine (that is, until it caught fire and burned up, which wasn’t so cool).

I had red leather pants, and wore them…with a matching red jacket. (picture it, I dare you).

I did photo shoots like this…

That there is some awesome big hair!

That there is some awesome big hair!
Mystery City: Rod Boyum, Brad Wilson, Paula Benedetti (Danner), John Pagano, Paul Franks

And then rocked out on the Sunset Strip.

Mystery City at Gazzarris, Sunset strip, Los Angeles.Paula Benedetti (Danner) and Brad Wilson

Mystery City at Gazzarris, Sunset strip, Los Angeles.
Paula Benedetti (Danner) and Brad Wilson

All the way home in the car I thought about this life change and how it seemed to happen overnight – even though it has been way, way, way longer (did I mention, way longer)

When I arrived home, the first thing I noticed was that while I was gone, my husband had moved his car so I could have the best spot in the driveway.

Then, my dog ran out into the freezing cold and onto the snow covered ground to enthusiastically welcome me home (the cat at least came to the window to observe, I am sure she was happy to see me… I buy the treats).

Inside, Pre-teen gave me a huge hug hello as if I had been gone 24 hours instead of just 3.

Kids and husband brought in all the groceries and while I was putting them away, Teen informed me a movie we wanted to watch together was coming on pay-per-view in 25 minutes.

Teen made the popcorn for everyone and helped me quickly finish putting away the groceries so we could all watch the movie.

So I am thinking, maybe I am still just a little bit cool like that.  At least they seem to think so.  And probably, hopefully, most definitely, theirs is the only opinion that matters.

And anyway, I think I could still rock out,  wearing mini-skirt or leggings, while playing beach volleyball…

That is, if I really wanted to.

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24 responses

  1. Haha, I had a moment like that recently, too. I guess there is a time for everything… Maybe the coolness will come back? Maybe we will rock the nursing home one day?

  2. I have these moments all of the time. We actually wnet out to dinner with friends Friday, and I felt weird being in a restaurant. I kept looking at the watch trying because I was ticking off bedtimes knowing I wasn’t there to tuck in the little one in. The old normal is the new weird and the new normal is perfectly fine with me.

  3. awww…life. you gotta love it. make the lazy of us responsible adults.

    i think the phrase goes: old enough to know better, young enough not to care.

    rock on with your badself.

    ps…those pics are AWESOME!!!! so flippin METAL!

    • Yes – that is a good saying for sure! We made our way around the Sunset Strip for a few years on the rock scene – fun (and sometimes crazy) times! Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  4. Oh, yesss! I worked in the music business in Nashville when I was young and single. Had a great time. GREAT time. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything (a REALLY GREAT time), but I don’t regret giving it all up. Because I TOTALLY still rock, or so I tell my kids….

  5. I love this article. You must be a really cool mom! I look back on my life like that sometimes, but it was only about 2 years ago that I was my most wild and oblivious.