Cat Meets Fish


My son recently got a fish for a pet – three guppy fish to be exact.  We decided it was no use actually naming them until we saw how our cat, Lulubelle, was going to embrace their existence and residence in our her house. Thus, a formal introduction was arranged.

Lulubelle paced around and around the bowl.

Sniffed the contents.

Looked wide eyed at the moving objects inside.

Batted at the glass.

Tested the water with a paw.

It was touch and go there for a while.

Would the poor defenseless fish actually survive our heartless, survival-of-the fittest cat?

And then it happened.

Lulubelle stuck her head into the bowl and…

… drank the water.

cat meets fish

I am thinking, in the end, she decided it was too much work for such a small prize.

Oh and probably, she was thirsty.

Besides, Take Out Delivery is just so much more convenient.

10 responses

  1. Cute story! Our cat, Java (remember) made sure any hamsters Lori brought into “his house” had a very short life .

  2. The good news: when the guppies start floating on the top (which guppies are prone to do), Lulubelle will probably help you with cleanup (which cats are prone to do). Lulu is so-o-o-o cute. Nikki