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The Travel Scavenger Hunt


Brooklyn Bridge

We love to travel with our kids and…

…When they were little, the primary goal was just to get there and back again without losing our sanity. Be it by car or plane, the trip was deemed a success if accomplished with the minimal amount of tearing out of hair (our own) or disturbing the peace (a group effort).

However, as they got older, we began to want them to actually get something out of the experiences.

And thus, the Travel Scavenger Hunt  was born…

I swear, it really works!  Go here –  over to ParentSociety.com – to my article about how it works and how to make your own Travel Scavenger Hunt – trust me, you kids will love it!

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Sweet Spots: UK


The Magical Movie Tour

Bath, UK: Jane Austin – Pulteney Bridge

Oxford, UK: Harry Potter

Salisbury, UK: Some Superhero movie somewhere

Stonehenge, UK: Spinal Tap (20 inches or 20 feet…???)

London, UK:  Sherlock Holmes