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Today’s Best Moment: Wednesday 2/29


Today’s best moment came when I walked into the room to find my 12 year old son listening to the Rolling Stones while doing his homework, all of his own accord.

It was at that moment I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt,  as a parent I was doing something right. For clearly, he knows good Rock & Roll when he hears it. I felt so proud.

What a Difference a Day Makes


Nothing happened today.

While getting ready for school…

H: “Mom, I had a dream last night that you and Dad had gained tons of weight.”

P: “No, honey that is what you call a nightmare.”

We laughed.

While running out the door for school and work…

K: “Uhh -Mom, why are you wearing two different black shoes?”

We laughed.

While making an afterschool snack…

K: “Mom, I discovered a new way to pull out loose teeth…blue Jolly Ranchers.” (K produces out of pocket blue Jolly Rancher encrusted tooth).

We laughed.

While doing math homework…

H: “Mom, what did the Zero say to the Eight? …. ‘Nice Belt’”.

We laughed.

While making dinner…

P:  “Hey, guys, if you smell plastic melting in the kitchen, that’s because, well, it is.”

(peanut gallery comments ensue)

K: “If you smell the dinner burning, that’s because, well it is.”

H: “If you smell the house on fire, that’s because, well it is,”

 We laughed.

While getting ready for bed…

K: “What do you think the Tooth Fairy will give me for my jolly rancher filled tooth?”

H: “Nothing!”

K: “Half the usual gold dollar?”

P: “A quarter to call the dentist.”

We laughed.

Today was a good day – maybe, the best day ever.

But then, there is always tomorrow.