A Trip More (or Less) Ordinary


A trip is a trip.  From where I stand, any trip is a good one.  The minute I board a plane, there is the excitement of unknown adventures and happenings ahead. The longer I go between trips, the more I begin to feel like a bird with it’s wings clipped – or, just really bored.

But the truth is, not all trips are created equally (although in the interest of hurt feelings, we try not to talk about it – we like our trips to feel good about themselves).  Where some trips are about adventure, unique experiences, seeing new places, or lounging on beaches – others are about spending time with family.

Over our spring break last week, I grabbed my kids, jumped a plane (well, walked onto it) and headed out on one of  those spending time with family types of trips – fun and enjoyable, but in a more sedate, ordinary kind of way.

For example, every morning, we made coffee,

Desperation is the mother of invention.

Desperation is the mother of invention.

We regularly walked to the store and hijacked stranded shopping carts,

Look out, here comes the "po po".

Look out, here comes the “po po”.

Played hours  and hours of backyard wiffle baseball – that is until all our wiffle balls had been lost to the bushes, trees and neighboring backyards.

Anyone for lemon ball?

Anyone for lemon ball?

Watched Manuel the cable guy climb a power line pole to fix the internet connection, (I swear he is up there, somewhere…I think).

Can you see any of the wiffle balls from up there?

Hey Manuel, can you see any of our wiffle balls from up there?

Went to a museum.  But before we could enter, we had to be briefed by Obi “Sean”…

May the force be... whatever.

May the force be with Billy Dee Williams?

…be reminded that Billy Dee Williams was in fact in a Star Wars movie…

I must have blinked while watching Star Wars.

I must have blinked during that scene in Star Wars.

…and battle the dark force before we could proceed into the museum.

I think I can take the guy behind him...

I think I can take the short guy…

Oh and by the way, once we did actually make it into the museum, we sensed there was something  amiss…

I sense a problem.

I suspect conspiracy.

So, aside from picking up some new one liners from the movie “The Amazing Burt Wonderstone” like

“He put a puppy in my pants!”

“Your skin makes me cry” 

“He has more urine in him than blood…he should be dead.”

And the guy who passed out on our airplane and had to be escorted off by police and paramedics.

Paramedic: “Sir, have you done any drugs today.”

Passed out guy:  “umm, nooooo.”

Plane erupts in laughter.

This is probably what the guy looked like the night before boarding the plane.

This is probably what the guy looked like the night before boarding our plane.

It was just an ordinary trip… more or less.

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5 responses

  1. Awful picture of our back yard, but thanks for not putting in the picture of me with darth!

  2. LOL! Sounds like it was a laugh, April’s Fool’s or not 😛
    I still can’t get my head around the fact that some people have lemons hanging on random trees within picking reach. Even though they are commonly found in supermarkets here, I still feel like that’s such an exotic and amazing thing. To play ball with them just doesn’t feel right lol.