Bag Lady Goes a Job Hunting


I have been job hunting. And when I say “job hunting”, I mean random-resume-submissions-online-from-which-no-result-occurs.  However, finally, I received a phone call requesting my presence at an interview…with, like, people and stuff.

The fact that I had not been on an actual job interview in a ‘coons age (Country-slang for a long, long, loooong time) should have paralyzed me with fear, but I confess it did not.

On the day of the interview, I selected my clothing carefully – dress, nylons, heels, the whole works – and packed them into my car to be changed into after I ran to the hair salon to have my emerging grey hairs vanquished.  Possibly, this detour was the beginning of my folly. But, I tend to think it was my venue of choice for changing into my interview attire – Home Depot.

Yep, you read that right.  Apparently, a stop at Home Depot for husband was unavoidable.  But, hey, the Women’s bathroom at Home Depot is big and virtually unused. However, the moment I left the bathroom in full interview attire, my trouble began.  You see, as soon as I started tromping through the Home Depot aisles towards the exit in my high heels, I began to feel a slippage.

Ok, hold on, allow me to explain.  I hate panty hose as in; I detest the feel of the ‘panty part’ under clothes.  Therefore, I have long opted for the stocking scenario – the kind that has an elastic/rubbery band to hold them in place on your thigh.  However, not having occasion to wear stockings much, it had been a while since the last wearing of this pair.

So again, there I was marching confidently to the front of the store heading to my interview when I began to feel slippage of one of the stockings.  Quickly, I ducked behind a display of sockets to inspect the problem.  When I looked down, I found to my dismay the band of the offending stocking was bouncing, exposed around my knee!  I quickly pulled it back up and in my haste ripped a run down the entire length.

My first thought was, surely I had but failed to pull the one stocking up enough the first time. So, I can just hide the run in the back and take care to never turn around in the interviewer’s presence – it won’t look that weird when I back out of the door to leave, right?

But, I did not even it make to my car in the parking lot before the stocking band was slipping down again, now making it to my ankle.  And although the guy who tried to solicit “gas money” from me in the parking lot did not seem at all alarmed by my wardrobe malfunction, I was completely horrified.

I jumped into my car and started driving to my interview.  I began to worry.  What if the stocking starts slipping while I am trying to think of answers to the interviewer’s questions?

“What is your strategy for handling a problem?” (You mean, like, your stockings falling down in Home Depot?).

“What do you consider your strong points?”(Um, surviving this interview with droopy stockings?).

“Where do you see yourself in the future?” (Well, in the next 5 minutes, I see myself walking out of here looking like a Bag Lady with stockings puddling around my ankles).

And that was it, full-on panic took hold.

My mind began to race.  If only I would pass a drugstore on my way to the interview.  I could have just enough time to run in, grab a pair of dreaded pantyhose (not a stocking type place), change in the car and make my interview on time.  If only…

And then, like chocolate from heaven – there it was!!  A Walgreens Drugstore right off the highway – a bit of a back track from my exit, but still possible in my time frame!  I was saved!  I sped to the Walgreens, whipped into the parking lot, searched for the entrance.  It was only then I discovered it was a Walgreens Infusion and Respiratory Center.  Yeah, I have no idea what the heck that is – all I know is, they do NOT sell pantyhose…I checked.

At this point, I knew I was sunk. Going “nylon commando” was not an option as I had neglected shaving … and tanning. So, I reluctantly drove on with the top band of my stocking now getting stuck on the gas pedal when suddenly, within a block of my interview, where no self-respecting store should be, stood- like my very own “beacon of hope” – a Dollar Store.  You know, where they have dollar knick knacks, dollar pet toys, dollar toothpaste and apparently, dollar pantyhose…two pair in a pack.

A speedy superhero-like change in my car, an unavoidable flash to a guy walking by my car window (you’re welcome) and I was on my way again.

And thus, I made it to my interview on time, answered questions brilliantly, with pantyhose securely in place, completely professional and positively no Bag Lady overtones whatsoever.

Or so I thought.

For, it wasn’t until after the interview, driving home in my car, I noticed the white cat fur confidently clinging to various parts my dark colored, interview appropriate dress.

Next time, perhaps I will get dressed at home.

Or, just bring a shopping cart to the interview.

For an update go here – Bag Lady Gets a Job

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  1. I think I would have had a moment of panick too because you feel better and more confident when well dressed and put together for an interview. The dollar store saved the day. Good Luck:)

  2. Been there, done that. And, I hate the new stream-lined process of online applications. It makes it nice to apply from home in your jammies but it is an abyss. I just put an application out into the abyss yesterday. I’m completely excited for this new amazing job that I am perfectly qualified to hold. But, I’m not holding my breath for the phone to ring immediately. I know better. Maybe, I should go buy an emergency pair of nylons to put in the glove box of my car, though.

  3. That would make a perfect movie scene! And in movies, those interviews always have a positive outcome, right?
    Btw, I can totally relate to your dislike of panty hoses. That’s why when I became a flight attendant, I thought I could replace the compression panty hoses by compression stay-ups. Bad idea. They started slipping right during board service, and I had to make frequent trips to the galley to survive. Afterwards, I changed to panty hoses instead that had the clear advantage of that you could also squeeze your blouse into them and thus prevent it from getting out of your skirt. This story always cures anybody who still believes flight attendants are sexy…
    Good luck with the job!

  4. HILARIOUS! Your post could not come at a better time. Just this week I started sending out resumes after a very extended (9 yr) mat leave. I felt psychologically prepared for the phone to start ringing (it has not). After reading this I might get my number changed. I could totally see this happening to me! Can’t wait to hear if you got the job. Hey, what about PetSmart? No stockings AND they welcome pet owners! : ) Best of luck to you.

  5. LOL!!! You’ve got me rolling in the aisle (or, in the chair in front of my home-office desk, as the case may be)! I’m right there with you. I’ve worked out of my house for so many years, I’ve got no clue if there are even appropriate clothes (let alone nylons!) in my closet to start with.

  6. There was a time in my life when I would have thought changing at The Home Depot for a job interview a smashing idea. Then I stopped drinking. LOL!

    Also, your graphic today was brought to us by the good folks at “Bag Lady Financial Services”. Who the hell would allow a company with a name like that to manage their money? Who would ever name their business thusly? My guess is: not someone interested in success.

    I hope you get the job. I also hope that the company you interviewed with has a more well-chosen name, LOL!

    • Funny!! Yes, I thought the company name just added to the photo, and of course, my overall tale! Thanks for commenting and reading! And I agree, the Hope Depot choice, in retrospect, seemed a bit of an inebriated type choice – lol!

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