You Know You Live in a Small Town When…


You know you live in a small town when…

You are sitting in your car at the bank drive-through window waiting on the lone teller  (we’ll call him Ted) to finish your transaction.  Around the corner of the bank comes the other teller heading out on her way to lunch.  She waves to you as she walks by heading to her car.  Suddenly, she doubles back and approaches your drivers side open window.

Teller:  “Paula (yes, first name basis, of course) could you give this key to Ted when he returns with your transaction receipt?”

Me:  “Ok.”

Teller:  “It is the key to open the safe to get money out.  I forgot to leave it when I left for lunch and he won’t be able to get any money for customers without it.”

Me:  “Um, yeah, sure.”

Teller:  “Thanks.” 

Me: “No problem, have a good lunch.”

And no, I did not run to the nearest Walmart to make a copy, because well, the Walmart is like everything else when you live in the boonies, far away.  Oh, and that would be a federal offense…and wrong…and very un-small-town-like.

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  1. You have a bank and a walmart in your small town? We don’t even have stoplight! They pout in a 4-way stop about 15 years ago and there’s periodic traffic jams while everyone figures out who is going to go first!

      • Nearest bank, wal-mart, any church not belonging to the major religion, clothing places…all 20 miles away. There’s a small grocery store, post office, bar, 2 gas stations (around the corner from each other, no less), and schools. Population: 678!

        It’s true what was said above, too. It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re doing – everyone else does. (And if you’re a kid, your parents do too, now!) As a kid I hated that. As a parent, I can see the appeal!

  2. Absolutely hilarious! As a Los Angeles native, I can’t relate to this in the least but love knowing that kind of trust exists in small towns. Made me smile (and laugh at the same time). Cheers!

  3. Oh. Wow.
    But….you have a bank drive-through? Woah, you guys across the pond really get to do everything in your cars lol. Right now, the only other instance I can think of is the cinema, whatever the drive-through version of that is called again…
    Great story!

  4. That is so sweet and funny and small town. I know your small towns are even smaller than ours and I can’t believe that you have drive in at your bank. I don’t think they’ve even invented it over here yet. 😉

      • I guess, it’s just totally alien. Drive in McDonalds still has a touch of the exotic and we were surprised to see that the coffee shop at the motorway services now has drive through too. We park and walk, rain or shine. Mainly rain. 🙂