Today’s Best Moment: Friday, March 9


Today I signed the contract to be a Contributing Writer for!  I am excited and terrified all at the same time.  But mostly, I am thankful this new adventure I began at the ripe young age of 40 (cough, cough) something has opened yet another window. And I have to say,  the air smells sweet today.

11 responses

  1. So excited for you, Paula!! We both need to keep pushing ourselves, don’t we…

  2. So proud of you as always. You have always made my life more interesting!

  3. Love your site. Love the theme. I would be so flattered if you stopped by mine to check it out. I try to find the humor every day. My theme is to give people a place that makes them smile or laugh. To give them a story that they can relate to. We’re all part of some kind of family either young or old. I have been writing our stories down for years to give to our boys one day and decided I needed encouragement to keep writing. I feel like I dumped my underwear drawer in the middle of the room during a dinner party, but I’m writing everyday!