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Copenhagen in 7 Hours of Daylight: City of Art


National Museum, Copenhagen DenmarkOne of the intriguing aspects of travel, in my book anyway, is discovering the artistic sensibilities of a city. Separate and apart from the tourist attractions, historic buildings and popular sites, the art of an individual city can be found in many ways.

It is true, of course, that art can always be found in the local museums…

National Art Museum

National Museum of Art

National Art Museum

National Museum of Art

Viking Exhibit, National Art Museum

Viking Exhibit, National Museum of Art

However, my favorite forms of the artistic expression of a city are found just by walking down the street…

Christiania Grafitti Wall

Christiania Grafitti Wall

Copenhagen, Denmark

New in front of old.

Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark

Sometimes interesting art can be found (even if it is puzzling) in store windows…

Copenhagen, Denmark

Some cities can even make an old relic into art…

Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn Anchor

Sometimes the art is in the shadows…

Copenhagen, Denmark

And sometimes, to find the art in a city, you only have to walk into McDonalds…

McDonald's Dining

McDonald’s Dining

McDonald's Flair

McDonald’s Flair

For my part, it doesn’t matter how the art is discovered, as long as it is found.

Next time:  Copenhagen – City of Architecture

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