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No Joke Left Behind


I have known my husband for about 18 years now.  There is one thing I know about the guy…he has never met a joke he didn’t like. (Destroy this Note After Reading)

He believes there is something good to be found in any joke.  There is no bad joke, only bad timing,  He is the friend to even the most meek and lowly joke,  the champion of the completely pathetic joke,  and a hero to the forgotten joke. The depths he will stoop to in order to lift up the most puny of jokes knows no bounds.  And a joke lucky enough to bask in the glory of his repertoire does not just have one day in the sun, but enjoys the warmth again…and again…and again.

As it happens, an event happened last week that  poetically illustrates my point ever so perfectly.

Last week, my husband had an accident while jumping off a piece of farm equipment.  Well, actually, it was a mower… ok, well not the actual mower but rather a dirt grader being dragged behind the mower (but man, that one foot down was a long way).  Anyway, in the process of jumping off said equipment, his foot got caught and twisted his leg in a way it was not really meant to go (either that or the muscles just don’t bend and stretch the way they used to).  Either way, the end result was his leg hurt, and hurt bad – bad enough for him to take himself off to the Doctor to have it checked out.

Later, when I arrived home, as my husband lay with his leg up and cocooned in ice, I went in search of the diagnosis and recovery paper from the Doctor –  as he knew I would!

As I rounded the kitchen door, I saw the medical paper conveniently displayed  for my discovery (I should have sensed a trap right then and there):

"Here I am, look at me!!!"

“Here I am, look at me!!!”

On closer inspection – and with some very directive arrow sticky notes attached to the paper to make sure I read the intended passage on the paper, I discovered this:

Doctor's notes

Whether he bribed the Doctor to be a party to his joke plot or surreptitiously somehow added the Doctor’s notes himself remains a mystery.

What is not a mystery, is that one of my husband’s favorite one liners now lives on,  forever  immortalized in medical history.

…and I will continue to perform my wifely duty of  laughing at them.

A job I don’t really mind a bit.