The Rebellion Rages On


In response to my article earlier this week, Every Good Rebellion Deserves Documentation, I came home yesterday to an empty house and this:

spaghettiosHow the Spaghetti O’s even made it into my pantry in the first place is a subversive, rebellious act which will have to be routed out.  Until then, at least these mutineers can still make the dictator laugh.

Happy Friday

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  2. Love your kids! Tell them my HUSBAND eats Spaghetti-Os (with MEATBALLS no less) just about every weekend. It’s what has kept the Generation X kids going for years. ha.
    Popping by from ‘Finding the Funny’ – and yeah…this was damn funny!! 🙂 Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Love your kids! Tell them that my husband eats Spaghetti-O’s every weekend! It’s how the Generation X kids survive!! 😉 Popped over from “Finding the Funny” – thanks for the laugh!