I Have a Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Anymore



I had a dream.  No, not one of those “lofty” dreams like Martin Luther King, Jr.  Just a dream.  Come to think of it – it was more of a nightmare.  Honestly, I  usually do not write about this type of thing on Sweet Spot.  However, the dream has haunted me ever since.

It started out simply:

There I was in my kitchen one morning,  wanting (more like needing desperately) to make coffee – a typical morning. But, try as I might, I could not find the coffee machine, anywhere.  I searched and searched.  Finally, I did find a machine for making coffee – but it was miniature, like Barbie-sized.  Anyway, it was of no consequence about the missing coffee machine because it was then I realized there were no coffee grounds to be found anywhere in the house either.

Quickly, I grabbed my kids (no dream is really a nightmare unless your kids are somehow involved) and we headed out in search of coffee.  We didn’t have to go far, for very quickly we came to a place whose countenance promised loads of coffee.  I quickly stepped up to the counter,

Me:“Coffee, please”

Her: “Sorry, no coffee”.

Me:  “What? “Well, where can I get coffee.”

Her:  “Nowhere.”

Me:  “What are you saying?

Her:  “This is the Alternate Universe.  There is no coffee in the Alternate Universe.”

Me:  “Alternate Universe?  What?  How did I get here?”

Her:  “You thought the wrong thing.”

Me:  “How do I get back?’

Her:  *shrugs*

 “Also”, Alternate Universe Girl continued, “In the Alternate Universe you don’t have to even order.  We know exactly what you want.”

No sooner had Alternate Universe Girl uttered this statement when she handed each of my kids a bag with one donut each inside and then to me she handed…

a box of a dozen muffins with NO MUFFIN TOPS.

The end.

Seriously, the Alternate Universe sucks. Don’t ever go there…

(Please, do not attempt dream analysis.  I fear the results would be futile and not a little bit scary).

13 responses

  1. Nooooooo! I’m not even the world’s greatest muffin fan, but muffins without muffin tops… That’s just WRONG! And muffins without coffee to wash then down STOP! This can’t be happening! Oh it isn’t. Phew 😛

  2. I love those dreams/nightmares that wake me with laughing at myself. Sets the tone for the day…or longer if you share. Sweet dreams, Nikki