Boy Meets Tree


It’s only funny until someone gets hurt, then it is hilarious

Rest assured – boy is tough, boy walked away with only a few scratches, boy then biked 9 miles down a treacherous mountain trail,

boy thought the video hysterical!

It is always good to laugh, even  especially when it is at yourself.

Sweet Spot: Marlette Lake – Lake Tahoe, CA

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The Halloween Hamburger Murder


Happy Halloween, Sweet Spot Style

Video by H

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5 Steps to Getting Your Kids to Stop Asking “How Much Longer?”


If your kids never, ever ask this question, wouldn’t even think asking it, would die before this question passed their lips,  then stop reading right now this instant.  However if, as I strongly suspect, your kids are like mine and fully abuse the question “How Much Longer?” , you might want to check out my latest article on,

5 Steps to Getting Your Kids to Stop Asking “How Much Longer?”.  

Alright, already, here is the teaser…

My son has an annoying habit of constantly asking the question, “How much longer?” How much longer will something last, how much longer until we get somewhere, how much longer until something arrives, etc. (OK, it isn’t annoying, it is cute, endearing, precious, just like him … now do I get my parent-of-the-year trophy back?).

Actually, the problem isn’t just that he asks the question…

Enough?  Now, if you please, go here to get the rest of the snarky story.

5 Steps to Getting Your Kids to Stop Asking “How Much Longer?”

Oh, and if you need further laughs on this Wednesday hump day, I recommend this short and sweet vlog –  Boy Meets Tree

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Sweet Spot: Marlette Lake – Lake Tahoe, California


Truly breathtaking spot.  Want to go there?  Well, no cars are allowed, not even any roads, just trails. So here is what you need to do:

1.  Rent or bring a bike with lots and lots of suspension (unless you want your ya-ya parts to be screaming in agony the next day).

2.  Get up at the crack of dawn…(ok, or a few hours past the crack if you are like me and choose not to function any earlier than that!).

3.  Wear sunscreen (sun, high altitude and all).

4.  Wear bug spray ( I swear the mosquitos are as big as bald eagles up there!).

5.  Bike about 4 miles up hill (yes, really all uphill), to arrive at Marlette Lake.

6.  Leave your vertigo at home because the most exhilarating way down the mountain is to bike the 9 mile Flume Trail – an ant-trail sized path, apx 7800 elevation, along the side of Sierra Mountains with breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe (uhh, don’t miss the trail, it s a long way down the hard way!).

7. And, when you finally make those arduous 3 to 4 miles up hill (for a special treat, the steepest part is saved for the last mile)  and before the long scenic cruise down hill (hopefully on the path and not down the side of the mountain)…don’t forget to take a swim.

For this sweet spot, the entire journey is more than worth it!

Oh, and on the chance you happen across the rope swing at Marlette Lake, better view this:  Boy Meets Tree

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