South American Summer: Peru & Colombia

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Machu Picchu at mid day

This summer, my Travel Posse…

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The Travel Posse

…and I went on adventures in Peru and Bogota, Colombia.  Why have I procrastinated so long in sharing on Sweet Spot?  Well, mostly because as a wife, mom and full time Company Manager at a Regional Professional Theatre – which means I am “mom” to about 100 or more coming and going actors, directors and production staff throughout a season – my time has possibly been commandeered.  But, the truth is, I took so many photographs during the course of our time in these beautiful countries, organizing them seemed vastly daunting – and I have practiced the skillful art of avoidance, kind of like what happens when faced with the prospect of needing to clean the house on a Sunday (or, like, ever!).

However, the experience was way too amazing not to share!  Therefore, I am going to attempt to lay them out bit by bit. I have done what I always do when a task seems impossible – made a list.  I will link each post here as they go up over the course of the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy!

  1.  Bogota, Colombia: Graffiti Art Tour
  2.  Bogota, Colombia: City Sites
  3.  Ancient Aliens Tour Part 1: Lines of Nazca, Peru
  4. Beautiful Cusco and the No Tocar Lady
  5. Ruins of Peru: Rock Sliding in Saqsayhuaman
  6. Chinchero, Peru
  7. Getting Spit on in Oyantaytambo
  8. Ruins of Peru: Marco’s Pisaq
  9. Ancient Aliens Part 2: The Ruins of Moray
  10. Maras, Peru: Salt Pond Collective
  11. Road Tripping in Peru
  12. Machu Picchu: Getting There and Away
  13. Machu Picchu
  14. Lima, Peru: CATS Revisited