Destroy This Note After Reading


I try to be home when my kids get home from school.  It is a time I enjoy, hearing about their day, getting the skinny on happenings at school and any drama ensuing.  But, on this particular occasion last week, I knew I would not be home until a few hours past when they had arrived home.  Therefore, being the responsible, sweet and awesome Mom I am (hey, somebody has to say it), I left them a few instructions for when they arrived home and a special after school snack.

Apparently, my husband felt my note needed a few additions.  He is just lucky I love a good laugh!

29 responses

  1. Ha lady thats funny you guys are so.cute….good to bave a grea t sence.of humour in a marriage huh???? Love u sister…jen

  2. I reckon both of you know you have great kids who WON’T trash the house 😉 Can’t imagine that even any man would be stupid enough to want to have to deal with the consequences otherwise LOL. This is a piece of real household history! 🙂

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