Today’s Best Moment: Friday, 6/29


Today, actually a few minutes ago, I asked my son to climb one of his favorite trees so I could take a picture for an upcoming blog post.  He quickly scaled his tree like no monkey ever could.  I was suddenly reminded of a moment when he was around 6 years old. My Mom, Grandma,  was visiting.  Grandma went outside to see what he was doing and found him as high up in his tree as was possible to get.

Grandma called up to him:

 “You are so high, could you come down, I am afraid for you”

To which my son, without missing a beat, replied:

“Grandma, you will just have to conquer your fears.”

My Mom and I still laugh about it.

I hope his tree lives forever.

11 responses

  1. Love this post Paula. Reminds me of my childhood tree back in my hometown. My Mom planted the tree the same day she gave birth to me. This was back in Philippines, 27 years ago.

  2. It looks like a pecan tree?

    I’m still trying to learn that lesson – he must have a special “teacher” to lead him to such wisdom at that young age. 😉

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